Veteran Adventures Runs

I know several people need Veteran Siege and Malgrave Trail for Attunement Progression. I’ll be putting a group together to run both tonight, 07/07/14. Start Time will be 8pm EST. Post if you are interested or hit me up in game (IGN Gwynyth). If we get a big enough interest I’ll try to set up more runs of these less ran adventures.

Heals here, I’m available to --hate life-- help y’all out :wink:

I am there…sign me up!

Just had some last-minute plans come up, I’ll be on but I might be a hair late. I won’t be offended if you have to replace me…but I will cry :’(

Made plans with the “wife,” internet issues fixed, will be there! Please go to your local temple of mathematics and pray to the RNG God before participating!

Can’t make it, kids being kids and now I have to be the lvl100 immortal boss with them. See you all tomorrow.

07/08/14 - 8pm EST
Running 2 Adventures
War of the Wilds
The Siege of Tempest Refuse

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will be there…will sit if people need the run for attunement though.

Same, unless something crazy comes up, which it better not 2 days in a row.

Edit: n/m, forgot I’ve got to go pick the in-laws up at the airport tonight, so I probably won’t be along for this run either :confused:

Had something come up. Will be on later tonight.

Next Runs will be Thursday 07/10/14 - 8pm EST
War of the Wilds
Malgrave Trail

Edit: Great Grandfather Passed away so this run is now Tenative. Depending on the views and burial the rest of the week runs will all be tenative.

Will def be at this one.

Sorry to hear about the passing of your great grandpa :frowning:

If you are running these later, I know Valdra and I are interested. I’ve legit only done 1 adventure with a pug at like level 20… been super busy so would be great to get some experience with these in.

However just noticed this was for attunement - I’m still on the rep part of my attunement quest line. So if people actually need the step for their quest - I’d take no offense to not being included.

Next Runs will be Wednesday 07/16/14 - 8pm EST
Siege of Tempest Refuse

Edit: Need to rearrange the schedual for this one. Will run it on Wednesday at same time.

Will be there for this one.

I won’t be around, but you guys should be loving the new patch notes for tonight’s run :wink:

I’m in!

Count me in for any adventures within the next week. Very close to hitting 50 on my Engineer and am looking to do a ton of Malgrave runs if anyone is interested.

Wednesday 09/03/14 @ 8pm EST. I’ll lead an adventure group thru whatever adventures we need to do. I have a Tank and a DPS/Healer. Please let me know who will be interested and sign up.

I’m down to heal.