Veteran Adventures



Wondering if anyone else would be interesting in setting up an organized day and time to do some Veteran Adventures. I want to start busting out some of these and would like to do it with other guild members. I know the Destiny release isn’t far away and Wildstar might lose some traffic during that time, but I plan on playing Wildstar as well as Destiny.

So, if you’re interested in setting day(s)/time(s) to do some Veteran Adventure runs please post below and let me know what day/time would be good for you and what your preferred role is.


I wish I could find a way to help you. I have both a 50 Engineer (tank) and 50 Esper (healer) that I quit playing soon after reaching max level. I have a 15-day old boy (and a 2 year old) that is making it hard to find time to play MMOs. I barely even have time to get in one 20-minute SMITE match.

I did like playing my Engineer, though.


That’s totally understandable man.
I think you may need more help than I do. lol


I’ve got a post started for vet adventures. See here. I’ll try and set up a night a week where i lead an adventure for the guild. Keep an eye on that post and i’ll schedual something. But adventures are a little easier than dungeons to get going. I know the weekends i usually spend a great deal of time leading adventures also.


If we pick an evening time, say Fri or sat, maybe 9 est, then I can make most of those. Any day will work for me except wed. If we have a schedule, I can plan ahead :slight_smile:


Role: tank preferred but happy to DPS also.


you should post Here, @Diacuss already has a thread going for vet adventures, I didn’t realize that until after I posted this so that’s my bad.