Veteran Rank 1-5 World Boss, Public Dungeon, and Anchor Grind Event



EDIT: Forgot the time, duh. I’ll be doing this tonight at 7:00PST.

It’s been decided that leveling from questing in veteran ranks isn’t as efficient as it is below 50. Therefore, I would like to organize a group to go through these zones and complete all the world bosses, public dungeons, and anchors in order to get the achievement xp.

I think having a raid should be fine if we have enough people. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but with the way the ESO “Finesse” system works, it doesn’t matter how many people are in your group.

We won’t be getting skyshards or anything—you can go back for those later when you complete the quests.

Here are maps for the zones we’ll be doing so you can see the placement of the waypoints.

I’ve already done Stonefalls but I’m willing to start for the beginning in order to get everyone caught up.


Count me in

Forgot its game 7 of the playoffs for the Wild tonight. Might have to skip out. You know us northerners and our hockey. :trophy:




Will have to pass, it’ll take all my time to get an optimal healer to VR. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh @Ziq, you don’t need any help leveling anyway. Hardcore mode. :goberserk:


I’ll be there.


For those of you excited about this, I’m on my way home and ready to roll soon.


How did this go? Any screen shots or videos? I’m pumped to get to VR just a few more lvls to go…


We were doing about 200,000 XP per hour. Cleared the first 2 VR zones. It went really well and I’m excited to get another group going. It’s definitely the way to go once you get to VR1.


How do you even track something like that? Add on? educational guessing? sacrifice to the MMO gods?


Use MyXPView (addon):


kk thx!


Are we doing this again tonight?


I’m going to be on later tonight but unfortunately not as early as last night.


^ sounds good…ill try to jump on later.


I’m going to do some of this today. I’m on Shadowfen.


Would a lvl 45 die a zillion times if he or she were to go along?


You can’t enter the zone unless you’re 50.


What time do you plan on doing it?


We’re doing it right now actually, @Biff_Tannen1.