Video Game Podcast(s)


I am looking to add another video game podcast to my que since I drive a lot for work now. I currently listen to SBFCast and GiantBombCast (and Runbutton but they rarely release anything.) Anyone have suggestions for weekly video game podcasts?

ALSO! I actually run my own amateur video game podcast. It’s a weekly hour-long called Elbow Rocket and its on iTunes and here We’re about to hit 72 episodes but still trying to grow the audience and would also love more suggestions each week on topics/ questions from you all, so please feel free if interested.


game informer has a podcast, I have yet to listen to the whole thing though, but tha’ts a thing

polygon use to have a podcast, not too sure if they still do it.

the cooptional podcast hosted by totalbiscuit is one that I usually listen to. they ahve soem good personalities in there.

twitch has a podcast too, but not too sure how relevant to games it is, probably more site based.

also, congrats on 72 episodes, looking forward to listening in, and keep it up!


I heard about this bad ass pod cast coming out soon you will have to check out. I know some people in it.


Thanks for the suggestions!
I have started to listen to the GiantBombCast which is alright.

Any other suggestions?
@Dynamible , did that podcast start yet?


It’s in the works…


The Completely Unnecessary podcast is great, primarily thanks to Ian Ferguson’s passionate opinions. It’s a mix of modern gaming news, movies, comics, and wrestling.


Nothing like settling things with a bit of wrastling: