Viral Beta Reservations for Strats: Command



As discussed in the v0.1.0 release notes, our plan is to do an initial open sign up mostly for people who know about what’s going on from this here forum. After that, we want to gate sign ups in some way and limit access to the beta so we can control the feature set and focus on building what you guys want.

The platform is very light right now so having open sign ups from people who don’t necessarily know what’s going on and our dev plan might hurt our brand a bit.

Requested feedback

We’d like to get feedback on the following:

  • How many invites is reasonable to request before getting priority access to the limited beta (currently 5)?

  • Is the Twitch panel explanation reasonably easy to understand?


So in v0.2.0 we’re going to gate sign ups like this:

User signs up

Users can still sign up easily with social links and those of you with existing accounts at that point will be able to sign in to your beta access.

After that, we collect the usually info (whatever isn’t being passed by the API you’re connecting with). The important bit here is the username. Since this is unique, we want to encourage people to grab the username they want in our system. As we release things like public profiles, this will become an important thing to have.

Social invites

Once you’re signed up, we’re going to kindly ask you to invite 5 of your friends to do the same. This can be accomplished however you like using the custom link we’re providing you. We also give you a couple options to make it easy: Tweets, Shares, and Twitch panels.

We aren’t just going to tweet or share for you. We’re just going to give you the box and a suggestion, because no one wants someone writing on their account for them :speak_no_evil:

Priority access

After you refer 5 of your coolest most awesome friends, you’ll be granted priority access in line for beta. You can also, of course, keep referring new people to the platform.

Please reply with feedback.

Strats: Command v0.2.0 (Bombastic Bomberman)
Strats: Command v0.3.0 (Classy Chun-Li)

All looks easy enough from a screenshot standpoint. I think having five is the perfect number. Ten is often too many, and anything less and you may not get a sample size that you want for your R&D purposes.

The Twitch Panel is nice, but I think command in the background should be more visible. Maybe it’s just the screenshot, but I can’t see that the product is actually called Strats Command. Other than that, I think it accomplishes it’s purpose. You are using the same “slogan” on the panel that you are using for Command, so that’s good for brand recognition.

Something you may want to identify is what the product actually is. Not much, but either do that on the “Most powerful toolset” page or give it its own link somewhere. Is it an overlay? Is it an install? Does it run with XSplit/OBS or is it standalone? If people know exactly what it is, you’ll have a more concise group. If they don’t, you may get people signing up for nothing.


Drizz told me a bit about Command. He instantly said that it looked awesome (which it does) but no details. Which is nice because I feel like I’m coming into this blind with my impressions a bit.

When I see ‘powerful toolset’ I instantly think analytics. (Which I adore, honestly.) When I see ‘command your personal brand’ it kind of drives home the point to make your username consistent across all platforms. ‘Grow your fame’ speaks to bigger numbers for me.

With numbers you get to see your reach, your influence, where your strengths lay and where you could improve. How many people are engaged. How many followers you’ve gotten for that day, month, etc.

If this is heading where I think it is … compiling all of this data in one place, (because honestly, as someone who is all over on social networking, I DO NOT have one place where I can snag all of my stats.) It seems like something small but it drives me crazy.

I can go to this site to see my reach but not being able to see how it affects something else is disappointing. Yes, I know that Twitter tells me how many people clicked on a tweet but I also want to know did that tweet drive people to my YouTube and if so, when did it happen? I got a follow on Twitch but did that person also hit up my FB after?

Those kind of metrics - and the potential they have - really speak to me.

Sorry. Maybe I’ve been in marketing too long in the past but that’s what instantly sticks out for me. It’s clear and concise. That tagline is catchy and sums things up nicely for me.

5 is a nice solid number to get into the line for the beta and if the number were too big it might intimidate people from even trying. 5 is encouraging to get people to try and ‘beat’ it, if that makes sense.


The fact that you got all of that from the intentionally vague home page copy is awesome! haha

The answer is yes, a large part is analytics. We also want to provide some toolsets for production and other stuff just to make it easier for us to track things for you.

As we push features, honestly we want to build what you, the Strats member, want. If you all want something, chances are there are others that can benefit from it too.


I actually disagree with this. I don’t think that “powerful toolset” says anything about it being analytics at all, especially if you’re coming into this blind. A toolset can be a lot of things, and given the information that’s given here (I still haven’t spoken to anyone about Strats Command) I have no clue what it is.

By definition, toolkit is as follows:

a set of tools designed to be used together or for a particular purpose
software designed to perform a specific function, esp to solve a problem: your on-line printer toolkit

So what I see is that Command is a toolkit, but it doesn’t tell me anything except that if I use it, it can help me grow. But how is that done? Do I sign up and bam, instant growth? What happens when I sign up? What do I do?

The rest of your points were good, especially about finding your metrics over seven different social media sites. If this truly is one central location to see all of that, then I agree, this could be something pretty extraordinary.

If it is going to be metric based, then benchmarking is going to be key later on down the road.


I agree @PeterThomas6 and we definitely need a more robust homepage that actually explains what it is you’re signing up for. That’s not really this feature though.

Would you be interested in starting a feature thread for “Strats: Command Homepage”?

We can also do some A/B tests on the home page after we have some baselines from a thread like that.

Strats: Command Homepage
  • I think 5 referrals is enough
  • I will be able to set up that Twitch panel easily as well. I really don’t think more is needed. The people who would use the panel will undoubtedly have already added one or many to their channel.

From what I’ve seen, this all looks great. Though there is no way to see what’s going on in the background from this. Would it be possible to have the background image change randomly on load - appealing to more than just the pew pew crowd.