Virtual Reality Theme Park


Oh man, if this is for real and works I’m going on a vacation! In the future that is :stuck_out_tongue:


This isn’t from Reddit. Reddit had no stake in creating this. Maybe it’s via reddit I guess, but it’s probably also via about 8000 other sites and blogs. Sorry, pet peeve.



cough Grammar Nazi :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to steal your thread, but for me it’s more about being not sure why attribution to a link dump site is relevant at all to someone viewing the link on Strats.

This is a video that has been shared across the internet hundreds of thousands of times across many different blogs. The audience here doesn’t need the information about where an individual happened to stumble upon it first.

I don’t know…


I found on reddit.

What now? :open_mouth:


Should we put “@SloanTheSloth via Reddit” whenever we mention you?


Needs a “Via Reddit” title


Yes. I need more characters to reply.



Wait isn’t this from Reddit?




Lmfao, I just realized its under my name now.


I laughed my ass off when I read that last week.