Vive announcements from CES


An accessories tracker, a new dial-adjustable strap with built-in headphones, a wireless adapter with 1.5 hour battery life, a subscription based VR service, and enterprise VR app stores.

Thoughts? I know we have some Vivers here.


maaaan, I’m a viver minus the vive


The wireless adapter is pretty exciting, though I’ve only gotten tangled up a bit once so far (mine has the newer, single cable that comes off the headset, so it’s not near as disastrous to deal with as the 3-in-1 the original launch product had) and while 1.5 hours is more than enough for me, I expect, there are probably going to be calls for more longevity.

I couldn’t care less about the accessory tracker at this point; we need accessories that would matter/make sense before I’ll even consider it. Nice that they’re forward-thinking, I guess, and providing a means for companies to develop said accessories, but I can’t imagine what I’d prefer over the current controllers it comes with (they’re surprisingly intuitive and have felt good in every application so far I’ve used them in).

I’m far more excited that there’s a rigid strap coming than that it has headphones on it. Assuming they pad it well, having the rigid support will probably be a lot better than the soft strap we currently have (I’ve seen folks doing welding helmet mods to incorporate a more solid framework on their Vive, and briefly considered at one point; I eventually found the adjustment that works well for my head shape, so I didn’t bother). I hope the headphones are removable or can be shoved out of the way, though; I’d prefer to use my own or none rather than be beholden to built in ones (this was one of my major considerations when looking at the Vive and Rift).