Vocino's WOW Keybinds of Awesome

I spent some time refactoring my keybinds and #worldofwarcraft UI last night. It’s so fun to me. Like a mini-game. I’m going to post more about my entire layout but for now, here’s the keybind setup I’m using.


I have my keys arranged exactly like this at the bottom of my screen (using ElvUI).

These are mine

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I like the shift row on bottom. That’s a good option. I tend to use alt more than shift because i find it easier to hit alt with my thumb from space (jump) vs using my pinky.

Yeah, My thumb is less flexible so is harder for me to hit alt with my thumb. I still haven’t decided what to bind the button on the ‘W’ position to. Maybe shift+Q. having the buttons in the position of the actual keys helps me remember what to hit with my hand.

That’s exactly my thinking.