VOG anyone? in desperate need to complete

I’ve been trying to get a fire team together for awhile now… My efforts have yet to be successful

I see you just joined us. So welcome. We have a list of our players under the Destiny category. This is a great way to meet up with us and get some impromptu groups going. Check it the intro for our weekly raid groups. You can always make aa post like this too :wink:

@opticalpopsicle there is a thread going on now for a run tonight 7pm EST


Also if your interested, on Monday im trying to put together a group for a run at 7or 8 PST. I’ve never even entered the VoG before but I think I’m gonna take a crack at it tonight.

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I’m down to join in ps4?

I am trying to run it tonight on NM at 6 PM PST.

I have a lvl 30 that offered to sherpa me, and who ever i get to join. I have a post over on reddit and i just posted one here too.

Add me on PSN: s0ul_sc0rcher

We’ll get this going tonight!!

If you need more people I have a decent amount of experience: