VOG Complete - Ultra Rare Trophy

Our team just completed the VOG.

@Sw1shaaSweet @M89ROSE @CKN @Alphaman @WrongGear

Other than the gear and team play experiences, we received an Ultra Rare Trophy for finishing the Raid as Clan.


Get some! Woooo!

Congrats guys! Nice to see there is one clan feature!


Congrats @SkullKontrol @Sw1shaaSweet @M89ROSE @CKN @Alphaman and @WrongGear!

Way to pull together as a team and come out on top! Hope the spoils were good

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Congratz guys. Very impressive. Way to set the bar.


Nice job guys! Now you can run the rest of us through haha!

Yep, @WrongGear and I are already making ourselves available for other parties.

What I’m anticipating for our ‘core team’ of six is that we keep running the raid on Tuesdays, finishing it quicker and quicker each time and then making ourselves available to help other teams as needed.

That seems to be the way other ‘core teams’ are operating and it makes sense.
Finish the raid with your core team, make yourself available to assist other teams.


Yup. I like this plan.

This is very important. I plan on doing the same when I am available and get a good knowledge of the mechanics.
It’s things like this that I really like about the Strats community. It isn’t about gearing up and being the best, its about taking the time to help others so that everyone can have a good game experience and make friends.

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That sounds like a great idea @SkullKontrol. Great job guys.

When do you guys usually run your raid? Seems like you guys are on later than the other group and this would work better for me.

We usually get started around 8:30-8:45 EST our current ‘core team’ is full for now, but I’ll let you know if anyone drops or we need an alternate.

Like I mentioned earlier I’m anticipating our 'core team to finish the Raid by Weds then I’m thinking some of us will join other teams to help out etc.

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That would be great, thank you.