VoG Hard Mode Atheon Checkpoint



I have the VoG atheon checkpoint if any wants it. I would also like to run it myself.


You looking to cheese it?


Either or. Really doesn’t matter to me.


I finally got 24 Light! That’s high enough right…


Lol, maybe not. Unless you want to be the one not doing anything


If we cheese it. I can’t play tonight though, it’s date night😬


I’d be down for this. Just let me know what time today


I can finish tomorrow night for sure if you guys don’t do it today


I can do it tn. Prob after 10 EST


Well, we can start around 10 if everyone’s up for that, but I can still pass the checkpoint out to anyone who wants it for alts


Has this gained any traction? Watching college football wanna know if I should log on


Lol same. I’ll check real quick.


I still have this checkpoint, and have another 30 if anyone wants to start HM from scratch


I want to


Are you guys doing this tn? If you don’t mind a 28 hunter I’ll join. I don’t care if we finish just wanna loot some checkpoints.