VOG Hard or Normal tonight 11/09

Hey all so I’m pretty close to level 30 on my hunter so I wanna try and either do a HM VOG with my hunter to get some more shards, or do a Normal VOG on my 26 warlock, and just send the shards I hopefully get over to my hunter. Lmk if anyone’s interested

i am really down for this …after missing all week with various problems i need the raid! have a 29 titan or a 26 hunter.

@Droul, awesome brother I’d be glad to have you join was thinking 8 or 9 EST

I can do tonight
29 warlock

@spredhead sweet brother

Do you want the Oracle checkpoint, so you can skip the beginning?

I’m feeling that this will be a normal run, but I might grab that checkpoint from you later, stuck at work at the moment

I need to the do raid as well - Got a 29 warlock.

Awesome awesome, almost got the full team looks like we’re gonna be a go

My buddy will be joining us, so we just need one more person!

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so what time should i be on for this?

@Droul let’s say 8 30 EST

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I’m down for this. 29 Hunter