VoG Heroic Mode

I’m looking to put together a group for the heroic mode of VoG with the intention of clearing.

6pm EST starting Tuesday
I’ll update this section as the week goes on.

-Clear normal quickly
-Begin heroic attempts later in the week based on the group’s schedules.

-27+ for normal mode
-28+ for heroic
-Appropriate weapons
-Knowledge of all boss fights and strategies
-As @SkullKontrol put it in his post: Must be mellow as fuck.

So far the group primaries will be:

Priority will also be given to @Nubhugs @DanceBurgerDance @NVS_1 if they choose to sign up and can make the times.

If you weren’t mentioned on the priority list please still feel free to sign up as I expect that we’ll need alternates through the heroic attempts.


If we can do 610/615 pm EST, then I can definitely do that. I have to eat at some point! I get out of work at 530 EST, get home chow some food, change, and I’ll be good to go for the rest of the night.

I should be able to make this every week, unless I have to volunteer for something for work (military voluntold :D)

I could do Tuesday at 6 PM EST and would like to be apart of the team. The only days of my schedule where I could not make 6 PM would be Monday/Wednesday, I could be on after 7.

Yeah I doubt everyone will be there right on the dot so that’s fine.

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I work 12 -> 8pm EST, then have hockey @ 9pm EST on Tuesday. I’d love to join but will be home later. Still available when I get home though lol.

Sounds good to me.

@Gambles_052 and @VaultBoyPS said they can join us (Vault already signed up with Skull, but he has 3 alts : P). So we should have a full group for today:)

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Sounds good to me!

What Moro said

If you guys are still up for the Raid by about 10:30pm EST tonight I’ll be home then. If not, I’m up for the nightfall strike. Either or. If you guys do the Raid on Normal tonight without me, I’d be looking for some people later this week to run through on Normal.

I would love to give this a shot if you still have room 28 titan striker

Starting invites tonight at 6pm. After we kill the raid we’ll take a minute in voice chat to discuss scheduling heroic attempts.

Sounds good to me, I’ll be on at 6 sharp.

6 what? Eastern? Zulu? Baja? Lake Tittycaca?

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6pm eastern i believe, although nobody is online…

Same situation at DanceBurgerDance

Yup, i’ll be there for sure, just send me a ps party invite when you guys are ready to rock.

Progress today:

-Normal cleared got some loots
-Punched some Gorgons
-Door to heroic mode opened (nothing special mobs are the same)
-Templar phase 1 attempted 4? times.

The first boss fight is going to be a pain in the ass but I think we’ll get it this week. Great job to everyone today and congrats on the loot.

*I apologize to anyone that got left out tonight for the normal run. There are still opportunities with @SkullKontrol’s raids though!


We need a team name… @SkullKontrol is naming his teams left and right. We got to get in on this before all the good ones are taken

I was thinking Team Don’t Die as it has become somewhat of a catch phrase for us.

…or Guardian Down…@moro

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