VoG HM anyone (Monday night)?

Anyone want to do some Atheon HM tomorrow night? I will be home around 830 and I would like to do Atheon a few times on my toons for a shot at some of the raid weapons I am missing as well as some exotics. Sign up by replying to this email. Oh and if someone can get the checkpoint that would be swell as I will be working all day long.

yes. very much so.

I’ve done it twice already but I have a level 30 to run through.

FYI let’s try and start at Templar checkpoint. 1 shot at Fatebringer and 2 shots at exotics.

What time are you thinking? I may or maynot be around, but never done HM to be honest.

9pm est?
I have the templar checkpoint

I’ll have to see what my gf says. She’s working till 7pm today and she’s been sick all week, and just now starting to feel better, lol.

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:clap: This is a real man

Lol, apparently gf’s like attention every now and then.

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Tell her she can have the Gjallahorn if it drops. That should work out nicely

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God no, if that shit drops it’s mine.


So err to late? lol, sorrry guys, got tied up with the gf tonight.

We just finished up 2 runs about an hour ago. I am sure people will want to do it again later in the week

Hope so, haha. Haven’t done VoG in weeks, and missed out on Crota’s End this week.