VOG HM Gatekeeper Tonight



Hey guys I didn’t get to finish the raid this week. I would like to get a team to help beat the rest of the raid. I’m looking to stay around 5:00 EST. The people below have expressed interest.




I would love to help out but will not be home until 830 est. if for any reason u need a sub or start later hit me up.

Psn spredhed


Sounds good.


I’ll be there to lend a helping hand!


I spelled your name wrong. I’m hoping for some gloves and boots!


Haha, it’s creepy either way so no worries. I’ll be praying to RNGesus for you.


I’m down man


I’d love to try a HM run, never tried it before. I’m lvl 29 warlock (Void or Sunsinger), but I work till 8pm EST :frowning:


Well see if we can get get a team. I’m just hoping digitull still has the checkpoint.


I still have the checkpoint you gave me on my hunter. I also have gatekeeper (HM) on my titan.


That would be perfect.


Yea i kinda maybe beat the raid so i dont have the checkpoint anymore, i still have an oracle checkpoint on my 30 hunter and it only takes about 10-15min to get to gatekeeper if thats cool.

Psn: Digitull


Oh nice. We are on now, just need three more. @grandpaswhisper has the checkpoint.


If you guys still need someone for this and havnt done it yet I’ll be down


Come on down. We are on now.