VoG HM Tonight...be there or be square!

I would like to get HM done tonight and I could use some shards and maybe a gun or two or three. Who is up for this tonight? I would like to attempt something around 8pm EST. Level 30s and 31s only as I would like this to be quick and painless. Also know what you are doing.

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Well that leaves me out. :poop:

I’d like to do this tonight. Still need those hard drops, myself. Fatebringer or Timepiece, PLEASE.

Oh yeah, or that Mythoclast thing.

I’m down. Haven’t actually beat it on HM yet, but I am 31

I’ll be square


I know it’s late, but I can help out if need be. Already did it this week, so I’d be just a helping hand.

We didn’t get many looking to be involved yesterday. I was on until about 9pm est and then logged. Hopefully we can get this done some time soon

I’m down to help tonight.