VOG Normal Run (Saturday, Nov 29)

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Been busy with a move, and my computer is still not hooked up, so I can only get on the forums at work, or on my phone.

Anyways, looking to run the VOG tomorrow night sometime (Sat) so if anyone’s interested, let me know.I’m available around 7pm EST onward.

I’d be down to help

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I would be down on my Titan lvl 28

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I might be able to join. If it doesn’t work tonight myself (DoNotThrowAway, 29 titan) and my brother (OptimisticMonkey, 27 Warlock) will definitely be able to join Sunday night.

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I belive that’s 4PST so I think I could do that. Level 28 warlock and I’ve never run it before but I really am excited too!