VoG Raid - Late Tues / Wed Evening (PS4)

Hey guys,

I know most of you will likely be completing the Raid tonight before I’m home. I work ktill 8pm EST, have hockey from 9pm -> 10:15pm EST, so I won’t be home closer to 11pm.

I’m able / willing to hit the Raid up at that time. If tonight doesn’t work, I’m available tomorrow around 9pm EST. If it’s tomorrow, I think my friend who’s level 27 would be interested in the Raid, although it’d likely be later (midnight or so). He’s never had a chance to do it before. I am willing to run it twice, once without him and once with him if you guys wanted to do it earlier, and a few others wanted to do it later.

Let me know who’s willing to go through it with me and available around those times.

Once again calling out

Id be down for wed night. 11 is too late for me to start tonight. Looking for someone to start around 830-9 est tonight

I can do wednesday night most likely. probably going to be pooped tonight.

I’m down for doing it tonight if you have space

I’ll help tonight at 9.

Awesome. I’ll be home shortly after 9. I’m planning on hitting the gym after, but I’m good for several hours after that.

I’ll prob be a bit after 9, but I’ll be there!

Who else is around tonight?

I am, 28 hunter

Hey if you need another let me know psn is the same as my username :slight_smile:

So are we doing this tonight?

So we’re ready, just waiting on you @Brutonium

Hey sorry I missed last night. I got caught up with some husbandly duties.

Hope I didn’t hold you up too much.

Damnit @Brutonium! We relied on you 100% to be there. We got delayed a good 2 hours trying to find a 6th, when we finally did, it was just some scrub. No one knew what to do, it was absolute hell. I think it took us close to 3.5 hours to clear.

Lol, nah just bugging. We waited a bit, but ended up grabbing @Georgeasaurus in your place. We cleared it in just under 1h 20m I believe, and despite @DrizztDo_Urden69 getting disconnected a few times, it went relatively well.

To be honest, without the disconnects from @DrizztDo_Urden69, I think we could have cleared it in under 1hour, so that’s pretty impressive.

All in all it was a good run, and we were happy with it :slight_smile:


Sorry for sucking.

Lol, I suppose I can forgive you /s

Seriously though, thanks again for the help @Georgeasaurus. We all played well, and it was a great Raid.

This was a great raid! My first too!
Can’t wait to do again next week, hopefully with close to the same team. I know @NVS_1 said he might have scheduling problems, but it was a great team, and great communication. Thanks again @Georgeasaurus, @macguyver, @DrizztDo_Urden69, @NVS_1 and @Biggles7268 for being so patient with this noob to the VoG!

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totally would’ve helped out if I wasn’t so sick that day. Still sick, but should be able to help out a lot this week with everyone. Gotta level my gear so I’m at 30… Thanks xur!

Awesome, hope you get to 30 soon. I’m half way through level 29 right now. Ended up getting a Raid chest piece last week.

That aside, anyone around sometime this week for another Raid?

I’m up for it this week!

I would like to do the raid this week…last week i had real life issues come up…so this week i need to get some raiding in!! tuesday and friday are the only days i CANT raid.