Voice mod in multiplayer


I didn’t really know what category to put this in, has anyone heard of this? I may have to do it myself sometime. I may have to only speak in octaves… @Auth


Sounds like someone using auto-tune in octaves from a computer and running that output to his mic channel, not just using a simple voice modulator (which your headset has built in, BTW) :wink:


definitely not just octaves, there are some nice chords going on, it’s probably set a certain key, I’ve seen something like this before. Also, I have a voice modulator?!?! totally lucked out on this thing :smile:


Dig into the settings for the headphones; it’s there :wink:


what the hell, the surround sound has been turned off, now it sounds ridiculously awesome… this is like getting another Christmas preset



rtfm… I didn’t know what the switch next to the dolby digital sign between the headphones did…