Vote on Strats custom emote pack commission

I’m interested in having some emotes created in the nice twitch sub style for our use on discord. I’ve listed some suggestions, feel free to add more in the comments and I’ll d them in the next round. You can vote for 5.

PS: the names are the patrons and/or nitro boosters.

  • LOL
  • OMG
  • WTF
  • NOPE
  • Poopsock
  • Welcome
  • LFG
  • Giveaway
  • Derangedtaco
  • Sennish
  • Wheatums
  • Bradum
  • Auth
  • Lyteforce
  • Glorious Patron
  • Nitro Booster
  • Off-Topic
  • Meta
  • Wholesome

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Welp, at least we agree on something, @Vocino XD

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Damn straight I voted for myself. #shameless


We also need to think of a theme. Should we use the Strats Simian?

This seems the most logical. It has… history here. :slight_smile:

:dickbutt: is a good theme.

Also, you’re missing a few patrons and boosters.

Ok, what say you guys? Should I pull the trigger on these top 5?

no because more people need to vote so we can knock poop sock out of the runnings -_-

Since taco is in the hospital with broken ankle surgery he should get atleast one more vote.

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I decided I’m going to do a full run of customs for all the patrons and nitro boosters.

Feedback on first round:

welcome wholesome glorious lol nope poopsock


Not tea bag, though I find the lack of poop sock disturbing.

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ok so after seeing the welcome emoji in action (the emoji artist did a fantastic job on all these btw)
i feel like it just seems more like a “whelp ok then” type shrug than a welcome? i think the loss of detail in the facial expression when it is small kinda changes its whole appearance

I had given the feedback to change the hand to a wave. hoping that fixes it. should get the updated versions tomorrow.

welcome 2-112