Voting on next stream game


I’ve recently been sinking some time into Elite: Dangerous, but in an effort to not pit too much of my time into that sinkhole, I wanted to take votes on which actual game I’d start for my next Let’s Play. The two titles I have listed have been on my BL for a while, and are both great games from what I hear, so I’m open to both.

If you choose something from the BL, just write it down in the posts below.

Thanks for the help. :smile:


Transistor is a masterpiece. So cool.


I went with Transistor as well. Beautiful game.


Bastion was also, what I considered to be, a masterpiece. I imagine Transistor would never fall short of that.

Both games have merits by their own rights, for sure, and I’ll get to both of them eventually, but I sometimes need a bump in a direction to get started on something.


Voted for transistor too… It’s in my games wish list on steam


I voted Banner Saga. Transistor is a great game no doubt but as strong Pidgey such as yourself Peter needs to experience Banner Saga.


Lol why the hell am I a Pidgey now?! I’d rather be one of my beloved Ice or Dark types. :frowning:

Pls fix.


I went with transistor, mainly because I got halfway through it ,and never went back to finish it :(. Awesome game :smiley:


Sorry, the name has stuck. Sure would be a shame if suddenly you logged in and your title was “lvl 2 Pidgey”

Side topic not in hopes to derail the thread but just curious, do you own a WiiU Peter


Only okay with it if you become a LV 1 Metapod. From the wild. :wink: And here I was the one rooting for you during yours and Drizzt’s race. HAH. See how far that got me lol.

I do have a Wii U, though.


Muahahahaha Peter has learned.



-edit- nvm.


Transistor was fantastic, but for me it doesn’t compare with Bastion.

That said, my rating is more due to overvaluing Bastion than undervaluing Transistor.


I feel like I missed out on a milestone not playing Bastion


Hope steam summer sale is close
Gona grab bastion than an tranzistor. how i see both games ar fine. So hope to see that on the streams @PeterThomas6


I can appreciate this sentiment more than you know. So many times I try and explain why two games are amazing, but one is better, IMO, and this is incredibly useful. Thanks!

get gud skrub

I already beat Bastion, so unless my girlfriend wants to play and stream it, it likely won’t be up, but Transistor will! As for the Steam Summer Sale… I’m not sure. I thought they already had it, but it might have been a spring sale. If I see anything, I’ll keep you posted (if someone else here doesn’t beat me to it).


Yep, gotta be transistor.


I actually voted other. However, the game I’d like to see isn’t in your backloggery.

I’d really like to see ya tackle Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Either in WiiWare version or from the FFIV complete collect on PSP. :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t see FFIV: TAY?


I looked pretty good, but I must have missed it. o.o But The After Years is a good game. I played the heck out of it. :slight_smile: