Voting & Super Votes?


Continuing the discussion from Proposal to change Discord channels to mirror forum categories:

So I understand the premise of a vote as a ballot cased in favour or something, but what exactly does using a Super Vote do?

Seeing as I have four of them, I’m looking at it as “great power = great responsibility.”


I realize this isn’t a bug but I had to move it out of the #strats:features category since it’s not something to be voted on. Will sort that out later. Nevermind.

Anyway, Super Votes…

Users have x “Super Votes” as a way to differentiate between popular wishlist items and MUST-HAVEs. Both types of votes would count towards the same grand total of “Votes” (so technically the Super Vote is just an ordinary Vote with a special flag attached) but say;

If one feature has 50 Votes and 3 Super Votes, while another feature has 10 votes and 6 Super Votes, that’s interesting data.


AI confirmed (again) :wink: