VR Review: Blasters of the Universe


This is a VR bullet-hell shooter set in a 1980’s style arcade. What I really like about it is the customisation. You can change your barrel, frame, clip, sights and ammo type which gives an enormous amount of options for how to play. The guns feel pretty good to shoot. Although the ‘bullet hell’ aspect of the game is one of it’s main selling points, I found it a major annoyance, getting hit by stuff from all sides that I wasn’t aware of. I started having more fun when I paid more attention to dodging than aiming, but if you’re playing in a 2x2m area, the amount of movement you’re required to do can make it far too easy to smack your hand on a table.


The AI for each enemy type is very simplistic; they always behave the same way. Although I think this is forgivable, seeing as the main point of the game is dodging their attacked, and it’s also meant to feel like an 80s arcade, where each enemy type DID behave exactly the same way.
Although I think it’s generally pretty good - I would recommend a larger playing space than most games for this one, and I still ended up rage quitting every time I played because I was hit by something I couldn’t see.

Rating: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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