VR - which and when?

Hey guys! VR has slowly been creeping into my wishlist and I’ve held off for the years while the hardware gets better. With the Valve Index now widely available I thought I’d ask if any of you have it and what your opinions are? Or indeed if you have any other headsets and would recommend them instead and why? I know some of you have the hardware, thought I’d chip into your advice. We’ve never had VR anything so I’d be looking at buying everything - base station, headset, controllers.

So I have an OG Vive I bought on a black friday sale a couple years back that I love. One of the tech channels I watch on YouTube is Linus Tech Tips, and he also owned a Vive having determined for his use case that it was the best product available. He recently did a video talking about the Index and seemed genuinely impressed with the improvenent over the original Vive hardware. If you’re looking into room scale, needing to buy a full kit, and it’s within the budget, I’d go with the Index hands down (provided you can drive the headset effectively with your rig). For smaller applications of VR or if your rig isn’t super-beefy, the Oculus line is rock solid (better than the Vive outside of room scale in many people’s opinion) and priced affordably.

As for when, I’d wait until black friday sales for anything other than the Index (I can’t imagine it being so new that it’ll see a big price drop, or that any sale it might go on won’t see stores’ inventories cleared out in a hurry). My Vive kit was a good $200 off the year after it came out on Amazon’s sale.

Hey hey, so I use a Quest with virtual desktop to stream Steam VR to the headset and love it. No cords and the ability to play in the big open living room downstairs vs next to my desk is wonderful. It’s also a stand alone head set so you can play most of the big vr games from the HMD no pc needed.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Also spoke to someone yesterday who’s had a chance to play with the Index and pulled the trigger this morning. Will let you know how it is!