VR6+ Grind/Exploit(?)



From reading the instructions, I don’t really see this as an exploit. Not any worse than ranging the daedroth in BC anyway.

Anyone up for trying it? Also, as a guild how do we feel about this sort of thing? Personally, I’m all for leveling quickly using the game mechanics as they umm exist… Dungeon running or killing parts of a dungeon seem like the same thing.


Looks like you only have until Patch 1.0.6 rolls out to take advantage of this

Dungeons & Group Content

Veteran Darkshade Caverns: You will no longer receive boss loot from the Hive Lord Scrib adds, and cannot pull the boss without his adds.


I guess that’s the patch I’m downloading now? Woe is me.


Actually… The patch note says you can’t pull the boss with the adds, but makes no mention of pulling the adds without the boss.

I’d be up for giving this a shot at VR6 (currently VR3).