Want advice on Build for Khajiit/Sorc



Hi I am a new member here and this is my first thread so let me know if i need to fix anything thanks :slight_smile:

so i have a VR1 Khajiit Sorc that i made with the idea of trying to go a stamina build (weird i know)

The idea was I would use bow skills to deal damage and then use the sorc skills in bolt escape, power surge and summon armor, as well as other magic skills to kite opponents and boost damage, leaving my stamina free for dps skills. However after getting to VR levels Im finding it much less effective versus mobs and pvp is quite limited, So my options are


  1. Keep the same build and try and improve it
  2. Re-spec but into what?

would really like some advice from people I honestly don’t have any idea how i should build, I have heard Stamina builds are really sub par at the moment to magic/staves which makes finding groups harder.

To be clear I don’t have to keep a DPS build I just want to try something interesting/better.

thanks :smile:


I just got to VR1 on my sorc, so there are probably people of a higher level who can give you advice. I’m not sure who you would want to ask since I am brand new here, too. Plus I haven’t done anything at all in Cyrodil yet so no idea what the cool kids are running in there. However, I do have some thoughts.

  1. If you want to keep the build, realize that stamina builds are problematic for reasons I’ll go over below.

  2. If you want to respec, you could try something that is completely magicka based, but that’s going to be a lot of releveling traits. Not tough, but annoying, as I know all too well from my nightblade.

I went staff/light armor with my sorc. Plus she is a Breton, so some good magicka regen and pool racial passives, and decked out in light armor with those passives, so I never really have to worry about running out of magicka, and I have my stamina pool untouched for dodging. I use a destruction staff (prefer fire) and healing staff. About the only thing I probably messed up are my attributes (I’ve been trying to avoid overcharging and now my magicka is kind of undercharged, so I dunno if I’ll respec just for that… we’ll see.) She is heavy DPS and just blows things away with single-target, and AOE is also amazing with the use of volcanic rune and impulse from destruction staff. I am not sure it’s an optimal build, since I have just been having fun while leveling, and will theorycraft when I don’t have anything else to do.

I can say that from what I’ve experienced, playing through my Nightblade to 41 (with a stamina build/medium armor) and now my sorc to VR1, the magic-based builds are just a lot stronger. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the stamina-based builds work, but since you have to use stamina for dodging, sprinting, sneaking, AND weapon attacks, that resource is constantly tapped. I kind of wish dodging used a different resource (like GW2) and wouldn’t have to sap stamina which is needed for so much.

In defense of stamina builds, the stamina passives I get on my NB through medium armor and some of her wood elf racials are really helpful. I can sneak for a long time without running out of stamina, and when I get the vampire passive for sneaking, it’ll be super fast, too. So that’s nice. But since I went medium armor, my magicka pool, despite most points dumped into magicka, isn’t really big enough/regenerating fast enough to sustain damage with my NB skills, which are magicka based. :expressionless:

I think the experience is similar across the board with all stamina builds, no matter the class.


hmm yea that makes alot of sense, has ZOS said anything about proposed buffs to stamina builds or is this ihow its meant to be?

so if i transition into light armor and staff what skills do you recommend getting etc. Is there a way to copy your stats in the game so you can paste them for people to see or not?

also on a unrelated note, if i respec my skills do i lose the levels in the skill lines? for example My bow level is capped at 50 and so is medium armor do i lose those levels if i respec?


@Zirain I am not sure if ZOS has said anything about the stamina problem, but I think I saw that they are aware of it. It may just take a lot of reworking and time to get a solution together.

If you switch to light armor, I recommend sticking points in the magicka management passive skills, which will help immensely because you’ll be utilizing a lot of magicka, and it’ll be tough at first because you’ll be burning through it quickly. For staff, you’ll have to decide which destruction staff you prefer. I recommend getting one of each, fire, ice and lightning, to see which fits your playstyle. I like fire, but you might like the others better. I haven’t even played around much with the lightning staff, TBH. Healing staff for offhand is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t use it much but it comes in handy when I need it. Again, mana management is helpful with the healing I occasionally do.

I use a lot of mage’s guild skills - well, two - which I love. Magelight, which I have morphed to increase spell crit by 20% and volcanic rune for AoE/cc goodness. Impulse from destruction staff to burn the mobs while they’re writhing on the ground from volcanic rune. :wink:

I think there are build sites where I can copy my build for sharing, but I am at work and a lot of game related sites are blocked so I can’t do that right now. You can find them and mess around with staff/light armor builds, too, but the only way to really figure it out is to get in game and experiment.

No, you won’t lose your levels of your bow/medium armor skills if you respec. They’ll be there if you want to go back to them, too. I started with bow on my sorc, got to 20 bow, and that’s still there, though untraited.


Cheers thanks for this, Ive been putting off re-specing for a while since its going to cost around 15k and i didnt want to do it until i figured out what i wanted to do thanks :smile:


It’s really expensive. I thought we got a free respec at 50 but maybe I imagined it. Wishful thinking?

I personally think they need to tone down the respeccing cost or make it so we can do partial resets. It’s just too damn high! There are plenty of other gold sinks in the game; why do we need to get gouged when we want to change a few skills? Also, it’s super dumb that we have to reset everything. With my NB, I picked a greatsword for my offhand. Now I am thinking about making resto staff my offhand. Everything else will stay the same, except I have to retrait everything. >:[


yea what is like the way of making gold in the game though after questing? is it just crafting and selling or what?


Hm, good question. Now that the grinding in Craglorn has been “fixed”, not sure what people are really doing for money beyond looting every container looking for rare motifs and recipes. Doing every quest in every zone has left me with a nice amount of pocket change, but I don’t have the kind of money some others have. Then again, I don’t really try.

I never made any money with my NB because I think I respecc’ed 4 times. :expressionless: