Want some feedback please


Hi everyone,

So I have been streaming for a month now and I am looking for some feedback on what I can do to improve my streaming to get more people. At the moment I play LoL and Fallout 4. If anyone has anything that can help I am willing to listen or can give me advice on advertising my channel let me know. If you think I am already doing a good job please subscribe I try to stream 3-4 days a week.

Here is my twitch stream

Thank you for your time,


ummm not seeing anything, guessing its one of those “private” clubs :wink:


I posted the link I have not clue why it did not show up, here it is again

If that does not work then search onekythekingslayer. I am not streaming at the moment but I will be tomorrow and I also have older videos on there that people can watch if they want to.


I edited your post to add a hyperlink :wink:


thank you very much


Hello @Oneky,

I’ve been watching your stream. Here are my notes:

  • You’re playing Fallout 4 (and your descriptions says you play League as well).
    These are 2 huge titles. You have to already have some audience in order to attract more viewers while playing these games. The list of streamers on these games is so ridiculously huge and there are so many mid-tier streamers with 300-600 viewers that you have to really make a large jump to be noticed.

  • You have nothing in your Twitch panels.
    When I check out a stream, if you have a default avatar and have spent no time on your channel, I usually give the stream less time. Something about the streamer not investing time into their own streaming hobby is a turnoff.

  • There’s very little action.
    Unfortunately, this is difficult if you’re playing a long-arc RPG like Fallout. But this is something that @simplyundrea has documented as well: if there isn’t action going on in your video, people just don’t care. At some point when you have your regulars, they’ll have the patience to stick around through the menus and your chatting and your rants but all those pop in/pop out people that make up that viewer pad to push up the browse lists just don’t care. They want to click your stream and see you in an epic battle. I see this a lot with new streamers I watch. They take forever to decide which map to play or what kind of match to set up. Anything is better than that.

  • Talk to yourself, always.
    It can be hard when no one is watching you. The viewer count lags considerably though, especially these days when you have people watching from PS4, Xbox, and other connected devices. A lot of times these people don’t even have Twitch accounts or they’re not really Twitch power users. They just watch sometimes. So, similar to the action point above, you want to make sure when I click your channel thumbnail and load your video, I am always getting a snapshot of how awesome your stream is in less than 2 minutes. Not easy, by any means.

That’s all I got. I’m by no means a major streamer. I’m a hobbyist but I watch a lot of streamers here. Hope this helps!


Vocino thank you for your input and for watching my stream. I have made some changes and will continue to add more things (I got to work on talking to myself). More input is welcome my fellow gamers.


There is a term in the programming world called “rubber ducking.” The concept is that when a programmer is working out a problem it helps to explain what you are doing to someone else. Through explanation you might come across something that you would miss if you were just working it out in your head. Some people keep a rubber duck next to there monitor to “talk” to in just these occasions, hence the name rubber ducking.

I think this concept could also help a streamer interact when there are no current viewers watching the stream. I would even go as far as saying you should keep talking to the “rubber duck” when you do have a couple of viewers that are just lurking.