Want to play Albion, but don't own the game? Albion Giveaway Thread!



If you’re interested in playing Albion Online but don’t have a copy of the game, don’t fear! We’re giving away 2 basic founders packs to members of Strats!

To win, simply include #entergiveaway in a post below, and attend Strats Weekly on July 4th or July 11th for the draw.
*One copy will be given away per week. Must be a “Basic Member”. One entry per person.
*No Strats Weekly on July 4th, so that giveaway is being rescheduled. Stay tuned for update.

Special thanks to @Vocino for donating a copy.

ALBION ONLINE IS BACK! - Beta 2 Planning/Sign Up Thread


Let’s do eeeeet!

If I buy it myself before that I’ll withdraw! I’d rather someone else get it if I can get my steam credit off of steam.


It’s possible both will be given away on the 11th as we’re uncertain whether or not there will be a Weekly on the 4th :wink:


Riiiight. American Holiday. We did not anticipate this @Vocino.


There’s a bit more to it than that; suffice it to say it’s a pretty important day for both @tommy2118 and I. I haven’t had a chance to talk with him about it, but I know for sure I will not be available for it; details to follow :wink:


now that @Vocino is British perhaps he can host it :wink:





LOL @Ausylon funny as usually


Looks like an interesting game. When is it suppose to be released?


I believe they’re running a second beta test July-Sept and releasing officially in October. The founders pack gains you access to the beta.


Cool I’ll have to check it out thanks!




Alright guys… I’ve been a little disorganized with this… So here’s the new plan…
Enter by 5PM EST, and we’ll do a random draw tonight for the copies.



@Auth will never let me rest now that I actually entered a give away ><


I’ll give it a shot



I’m finally here!







And the winners are…


PM me with your email address and I we will get those to you as soon as we can (one of you may have to wait on @Vocino) .



Thanks @Bradum and @Vocino