Want to stream from PS4

is there streaming capability or do you have to buy equipment? Now that my internet has been upgraded i am able to stream and wanted to do some GTAV but do not know if i can…any help would be great!

i know you can save 15 minute clips…but i dont know about streaming thru twitch.

It’s built in. You can just put in your Twitch info.


thanks @Vocino will be trying it here in a little while after my turkey buzz subsides :smile:

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Streaming on PS4 is really easy and there’s a lot of options. You can have it so twitch messages display on the side or you can have the game fullscreen. It’s really handy and very simple to turn off and on.

That’s awesome I was actually gonna ask about this next week

Streaming on the PS4 is incredibly easy to do; once you’ve got your log in credentials ready to go, all you do is press the share button, click Broadcast, and click “Start Broadcast” and you’re done. It’s easier than streaming any other console I’ve done, hands down.

One thing you’ll want to do is run a speed test on your computer and check your DL/UL speeds to find out what kind of quality you want to be streaming in, specifically your upload speeds. If you’re at 2-5, I’d do low, 5-8 med, and 8+ high should suffice. You can probably play around with this, but that’s a good rule of thumb to prevent disconnects and such.

Good luck!