Wanting to play some DAMP tonight!



So after my Cowboys lost today i feel like taking it out on some poor demons or whatever unlucky creature that gets in my way. Looking for a DAMP session tonight around 8-9 pm EST. I will be on and make a party chat…feel free to join in and play. If my internet is cooperating i will be streaming also. @Vocino @Screamowaffles @NVS_1 @PittInjury @DrizztDo_Urden69 any interest?


I may be interested but it seems you don’t really want to play with me :frowning:


YES I DO!!! i forgot to mention you @spredhed…im sorry :frowning: You are MORE than welcome to join me man!!


I need to farm some glimmer for a bit but then will log on


I know I can’t believe we lost today! But unfortunately I’m at work tonight brother


Sorry man, preoccupied tonight!


I should be good to go in a bit.


Just had to add to this post…


… we are no longer friends.


So, the elementalist is OP, I solo’d Routine up to the boss, probably coulda killed it but messed up, as a level 6.


Lol, I don’t watch any football, but I saw that and remembered your comment, just had to.

Beyond that, yes the elementalist is awesome. Wait till you get the perk to gain 10% hp back for every enemy death near you (unless you already got that).


I could probably get on at some point tonight. I’m eating sushi right now,
but home in an hour or so haha