Warcraft Movie thoughts ***Spoilers***


I saw ratings for this movie before I went to see it so my expectations were really low. I thought it was great though, way better than I thought it would be! Of course there’s a few little things that are kind of hard to get around when doing a movie based on a game, but for the most part, I thought it was very well done. Really, the only thing that kind of bothered me was the transitions, there was so much story and character development to cram in there that they had to keep jumping back and forth between all the characters. Again, not a big deal, it’d be hard to get so much in there without some flow issues. Anyhow, I figured someone would have made a post on the forums about it already considering the hype over the trailers, surely there is someone else that really loved the movie like I did.

Also, I put spoilers in the title in case anyone wanted to put some specific details in their comments



This movie got no hype IMHO, like i said to you before… Only 5 min in, will watch it tonight and write a review here.

If you haven’t watch it, stay away from this topic. :wink:



It felt rushed.

I dont know too much about the actual storyline, but it did feel like a story created by blizzard.

there wasn’t any real main character, the movie kind of jumped aroudn to different characters, which isn’t a bad thing. We unfortunately didn’t have anyone to really connect to.

the easter eggs were neat. I didn’t know much of them, but hearing names and seeing weapons was special.



Was watching it a bit as my wife watched it. Looked like a B movie in terms of special effects but she liked it overall.

Seriously looked like something straight from the Sci-fy channel B list movies they have.



I do not agree with that

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I do not agree with your not agreeing.


Since i’m not on my phone now I’ll expand.

The Visual effects felt out of place, not just the special effects like spells and what not. It felt like the entire movie was shot on a green-screen but in a poor way. Like the actors felt disconnected from the scenes they were in as if the world was all just a backdrop green screen. Lots of green screen effects can be nearly undetectable but in this movie it felt fake. I am not talking every scene mind you, but a significant portion to the point that it felt like a B movie.

The Hobbit had a similar issue when I went to go see it, there was one scene that just broke the movie and thus the entire “Hobbit” series. The very last scene of the first movie where all of the dwarves and bilbo (and gandalf?) were looking off towards the mountain while standing on a rock and the mountains in the back had this odd look to them, like the light source was both infront of and behind the mountains. I would have to watch the scene again but it just felt cheap.



THAT I absolutely agree with, seeing as the Hobbit films suffered from a similar issue still makes me feel like a B film comparison is a little harsh. I don’t think mixing computer graphics with real people in a large scale fantasy setting is going to look believable for a while.



I dunno, I think there are some amazing scenes out there from Harry Potter and a few other fantasy based movies and most of them were done with the same deal of practical effects and CGI.

In terms of the WoW movie, I don’t really know how they could do it better in terms of integrating the scenes with the CGI.

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Guardian’s wife here, yea not sure i exactly agree with the B movie part, but i did feel the movie lacked cohesion between the CGI orcs and the humans. Though I thought the CGI of the orcs was very well done, but it didnt feel blended together… so it felt odd to see, especially at the end, the close-up fight scenes between orcs and humans. Although I actually felt the scene where Durotan was supposed to be meeting to get help from the humans to stop Guldan, and they were jumped, that scene felt more cohesive… something about the lighting perhaps?

I thought the story was better than I expected overall, i actually was more into the lore than any time actually in WoW, hahaha. Maybe thats bad of me :frowning: But yes, I also agree it jumped around a lot and was too rushed, especially in the beginning. It felt like they could have split this storyline up into a couple movies and it would have flowed better.

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Found it again:

Love this video as a reference for how CGI should look, like it isn’t even there.

There is a suspension of disbelief that we take into a movie or show that we watch and when CGI drops the ball, our disbelief comes crashing back to reality. Lots of scenes (or entire movies) can break the magic for us.

Heck if you compare the early potter movies to the latter movies the difference is staggering.

I’ll stop junking up the thread though, lest the powers that be move my posts again.

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no that’s great! I give WoW a break because I think the suspension of disbelief would have been easier if they’d made it on a smaller scale (less fake stuff on screen at once) and not had to make fictional creatures (orcs and such) thoughtful and even emotional… now I need a HP marathon…

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that or the remastered lord of the rings movie that’s like 9 hours long -_-

the soundtrack for harry potter though:

Every time this comes on pandora I get chills, such an ethereal sound they pulled for it.



It wasn’t as bad as the reviews imply. It also wasn’t good… but it was pretty fun.

There were a lot of stuff that wasn’t explained… which can be fine like in John Wick but, some of those unexplained things were pretty important. Specifically Medivh’s motivation. Clearly, he was dealing with something that he wasn’t telling the other characters but I would have liked to know more.

I thought Lothar and Medivh’s actors were pretty good. Not impressed by the rest of the cast. Especially the out of place looking king. Was really surprised that he could “fight” at all. And by fight, I mean, he touched the CGI enemy with his sword and they died on contact. Wouldn’t been too bad if he turned out to be a paladin and has some paladin spells or something.

The romance was done awkwardly and not really needed. Personally, I thought the story would have been a lot better if the orcs were shown less. Yes, I know the baby Thrall and the death of the Frost Wolves is important to the lore but he wasn’t that important for the human side of the story. What would have been important is the reason why Medivh is suddenly sucking out his friend’s essence and lying to his friends.

Maybe with fewer orcs, they’d be able to spend more money on actors and tell a more cohesive story.

But overall, it wasn’t bad. Some parts were pretty funny and I liked Lothar’s fight at the end.



I really liked the movie but like on poster said it felt rushed. I think they did a poor job advertising it too. I don’t recall seeing it on TV much. My brother who played the game for a very short time liked it too, though if I take my GF since she never has played the game or knows anything about the lore she probably won’t like it. I think most of the really bad reviews were from people who never played the game or know the lore.

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