Warframe - F2P on Steam and NextGen Consoles


So This is a newish TPS, just found it on Steam a few days ago.
###How am I just hearing about this?

Wareframe is a F2P TPS out now for download on Xbone, PS4, and of course #PCMASTERRACE.

I put in a little over an hour yesterday like it was nothing. The best weapons and gear can be obtained through their crafting system. Alternatively, they have an in-game platinum system that you can fork over your hard earned cash for said gear and weapons.

#The game is free! So if you haven’t already, come check it out!


i tried this game like a year ago on PC. was having a lot of problems with resolution and trying to get it to run at my desired settings. i gave up without really getting to play it. i have since gotten a new video card and a newer version of windows so maybe i’ll try it again. and i’ll try on xbox one too.

btw, it’s war, not ware. not to be a spelling nazi…


Ha! Didn’t see that, thx n fixed. The resolution is great, from what I’ve read it has come leaps and bounds since the open beta launch March 2013. Try it out again, I think you’ll be impressed.


Can confirm, was impressed.


Good with friends


Very good with friends… Like give a few ninjas PCP and let em loose in the local mall good with friends!!



It’s not a bad game, quite the oposite - very interesting and they added quite a ton of new stuff…unfortunatly the later you go the more grindy it gets (if you want the good stuff). If you get into it I would personaly suggest waiting till you get 75% platinum (their premium currency) discount and grab one of the higher tier packages. This will speed up your progress siginficantly mostly in terms of getting “forma” items.


Didn’t like warframe too much on the PC, maybe it would feel better with a controller but I hated it with mouse and keyboard.


At first me too, coming from the console world, but after a few face palms I think I’m getting it.