Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade who's playing?


Title pretty much says it all. Who’s playing or planning to play? Excited it’s coming to steam? Any other thoughts?


watching videos, they have buzz lightyear boots… might have to play it


@Auth, @Wheatception, and I talked to these guys at TwitchCon, I think. Game looked pretty good.


I do love me some 40k universe. The last time I looked I was still on the fence, but I’m definitely keeping an eye on it :wink:


Waaay back when it was first announced I was super hyped especially with Orks! being a playable race. But they have had to change the scope of the game so much now I’m a little nervous about throwing any money at it. Even more so when you consider every time Games Workshop has whored their IP out it’s ended in garbage or heartache Dawn of War and Spacemarine being the only exceptions that I can think of.


Don’t know how well Vermintide has done commercially, but it’s definitely a super fun game, that’s a Games Workshop game right?


Give me Warhammer Total War, I want it now !!!

Sorry I had to ^^


Vermintide pretty cool huh? I may have to give it a look on steam.


I don’t normally like those type of games but that one looks extremely good[quote=“Vilegrin, post:8, topic:9961”]
Vermintide pretty cool huh?
Yea, I don’t normally write reviews but I may have to for Vermintide. Great idea, great gameplay, beautiful graphics, they just made some poor design choices with character progression. @Auth knows what I’m talking about.

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread, I’m excited about Eternal Crusade too!


Plan to get the packs they are selling now or wait for it to hit steam? Vermintide just made it to my wishlist don’t let me down :wink: