Warhammer: Vermintide (4 player coop)



Anyone else been watching out for Warhammer: Verminitide? The first time I saw/heard of it I thought it sounded exactly like Left 4 Dead mixed with the Warhammer universe. After seeing gameplay it does look exactly like that, but it also seems to have a lot of unique aspects, like a proper melee system with blocking, a RPG system with leveling and loot, and the enemies behave significantly different than zombies.

It is completely co-op, no singleplayer or versus modes, and I’m a bit excited for it. I’m a not a fan of the developer, Fatshark, but everything I’m seeing for it looks pretty good. I have access to their next closed beta test October 5th-7th, so hopefully I’ll get to try it a bit then. Here is a video by Totalbiscuit from last week that shows off the game pretty well:


As a matter of fact, yes I have been watching.


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