Warplot Groups



Did anyone manage to get into a warplot in beta? Do we need to get at least 39 people together to participate or can randoms join to fill the ranks?


Warplots weren’t open for the beta insofar as I know. Trust me, this is one of my most anticipated features and I know I’m not alone; we will be doing them, hopefully a lot. I believe we can get randoms to fill out unless there is a guild-specific one. I haven’t done too much delving at this point on all the particulars because the sooner I start the worse it’ll make me want to play.


Cool. I’m definitely looking forward to it. I’ll have to do a bit more research, I’m really interested in how the plugs are created/crafted.


Likewise. I have a feeling it’s going to feed the PVE grinder/farmer in me to get set up; I’m really excited.