Was a new font pushed to the site?

Just wondering if there was a site change or if I have an issue on my side.

I’d say it’s probably an issue on your side. Everything looks fine / normal to me.

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Nothing has changed regarding that on this side.

So odd, it is only strats that is having the issue. Debating dropping anything that has to do with strats and rebuilding.

Open inspector in chrome and under Resources see if there is anything not being loaded or being blocked. --Specifically the fonts.-- Under “Stylesheets” it’s from fonts.googleapis.com.

EDIT: Or make sure you can access this file: http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:400,700,400italic,600italic (e.g. make sure it’s not being blocked or redirected, adblocked, something like that)

No issues, i see 3 fonts + Source Sans Pro but for some reason it isn’t loading them.

It may just be a chrome thing, sometimes the updates they do break random things.

That’s odd, I’ve tested in Chrome on Windows and Mac but can’t repo. :frowning:

Okay…I am an idiot…

I switched out my windows settings from “let windows decide” to “minimal” just to see if there was a performance gain. I guess in windows 8 it changes the way text is rendered.


LoL I was about to download firefox and test that.

Never had that happen where a setting here:

Caused a change in the way fonts were rendered globally and not simply in the UI.

Ah yeah, that will disable all antialiasing I believe.