Watch Dogs 2 is on sale (Amazon)



$39.88 from $59.99, save $20.11 (34%). Seems worth it at that price. Crazy that it’s already so discounted. Probably a bad sign heh.


I wouldn’t call it a bad sign. This year has been popular for placing games on sale 1-2 months after release.

It could also be a nice holiday thing.


Seriously. Also, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Watch Dogs 2 (especially compared to the first).


FYI, the game is $40.19 on Uplay store.


I’m currently playing this game and I’m loving every moment of it. It’s totally worth the $40. I have seen some negativity towards this game and I just don’t understand it. I even watched a youtube video of these idiots saying it was worse than the first one…which is totally false.


The first one followed huge hype and didn’t deliver. It seems like the second edition is different in a lot of ways.


There is much more depth to the game now. It’s not GTA so don’t expect that, but it sure is a good game. If they make a 3rd one I would expect it to be reaching GTA level.