Watching the Strats CS:GO team is a bit like this



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.webm, .gifv, and .gif formats on Strats

It’s a little funny.


What I find crazy is how they know where someone is more than likely going to be at all times. They turn a corner or pop their head up and it’s like they know they’re about to take a shot.

That’s the kind of stuff that only comes from practice.


When @gambleR was walking me through the process of his “clutch ace”, it was quite similar. He could tell where the other team was, or was not, based on what was changed in the environment (HVAC vents in his example). You really have to know he maps to play like that.


Man they are killing it! Knowing the map and a sixth sense are two different things though…


Headsets and knowledge of the map are key to this. I used to play somewhat competitively (CS1.6), and I’ve walled people a number of times because they literally made the tiniest sound on a ladder. I could pinpoint where they were (roughly), and knew where behind the wall was the ladder, etc. It’s something that does take practice, but it absolutely requires not only map knowledge, but good spatial awareness and of course a good pair of headphones.



@Auth I’ve watched this like 10 times, probably the funniest thing ive seen in a while, reminds me of that 5 ace/clutch i got on cahce :smiley:


I feel like I’m the guy getting circled every time I play CS:Go. Its to the point to where I pulled my 5 year badge off my profile. I’m always blown away by how crazy good people can be at this game.