Water cooling for computer


I’ve kept my computer in another room from the desk cause it’s loud and I’m cheap. Moving to a new place and need a quiet computer solution… should I go water cooling? I will probably start with getting super quiet fans first and then deciding whether to go from there, I just wanted to know, is messing with water cooling worth it? Sounds like a hassle. If I do go with water cooling, I might need some suggestions on what is necessary vs what is overkill.


In my opinion, a full water cooling system generally isn’t worthwhile, especially if you’re staying at stock clock speeds and such. That said, I’m all for closed-loop all-in-one systems like this. The more recent video cards are also available with similar systems, and I think they provide a great option for cooling when designing a new rig.

Also remember that fan size has a lot to do with volume because larger fans can push more cubic feet of air at a lower rotational speed than smaller ones; I look for cases that support 240mm fans these days to help keep case volume down.

If you’re overclocking, I think water cooling can be a very valid option; if you’re not, get some quieter/larger fans for your case. In either instance, an all-in-one cooling solution is solid because it acts both as an exhaust fan and a CPU cooling fan, taking a case fan out of the equation when determining case noise.


those big fans on the case you gave me, are those 240mm?


IIRC, yes.