@wayward and I pwning all teh noobs (HOTS)



If you can’t watch if you could open and mute and stop the video to give me a viewer count I would appreciate the support or host me.


By “can’t watch” do you mean that you don’t have your stream turned on? I’m in the channel but you have your starting soon screen up. I can hear you playing though.


Let me know if you still have a view count.
I’m viewing but the video buffer is being a pain.
Won’t let me watch you play.

So I’ll keep the page up while im off doing something else.


FYI: Tagging streaming in the streaming category isn’t necessary. Tag games and platforms.


was already offline when i got there…less than an hour after OP


yeah, he only played one game and then bounced on me. lol


I don’t know how to say this without coming off like an asshole. But, can we please refrain from posts begging for twitch viewers, especially if there’s not an extended period of streaming or event expected? If everyone did this every time they streamed, these forums would get spammed up really quick. The fact of the matter is that every strats member should already be doing their best to follow/host/lurk to support our streamers anyway. It shouldn’t have to be asked for. There is also the strats Twitter notification bot that comes in handy when trying to let people know when you’re streaming in real time.


I agree with @dontcallmejames. We have a twitch team which provides you with the ability to see member streams easily anyway. If someone is looking for something to watch, they’re going there. A post is redundant.

If there’s a big event or something you are promoting, that makes a bit more sense.