We need more of this in gaming


Looks interesting. Wonder what all the game modes are like.

This sounds like the same way every single game handles online, but in infographic form… Don’t be fooled! Unless I’m missing something here…

If only that were true, my friend @Pittinjury. If only that were true. No sir, we live in an age of require online handshaking with servers run by publishers like Origin and Ubisoft. Where young impressionable children can’t even access singleplayer when their parents turn off the internet and they’re forced to do homework instead of stay up all night and play games.


i used to sneak around and play games on my comp when i was supposed to be asleep. It’s really hard to hide the glow of a monitor y’know.

This sounds like how Call of Duty does things, unless they’ve changed something in the past 3 years or so…

Sadly, many titles require online this in their DRM and the number of releases using a similar model has been steadily trending upwards of late.