We need officers!

Is there anyone out there who still plays ESO and is willing to become an officer to help get this guild going again? As of now all of our officers have either left the guild or stopped playing so we need someone badly. The guild is sitting leaderless.

I can’t take over GM because i have a guild of my own, but i am more than willing to be an officer if needed. I’m on at least 4 days a week still, though my frequency may also change because i just started college.

Done, help us out brotha

How large is the other guild you are playing with? What is you position with them? What is the infastructure like (website, mumble, etc. )?

It’s not like a legit guild haha, you can’t Guildmaster more than one guild, and i created a “trading” guild a while ago so i could have +500 bank slots. Almost all the members are inactive now, but i still have 500 more slots.

As far as I know I have to resubscribe to move guildmaster as whoever used to have it (can’t remember now) gave it to me.

I’m following you. I though maybe you had another small group you were playing with.

I looks like you declined an invitation earlier, however would you being willing to give up those bank slots and lead TESO guild? You have quite along time with Strats and obviously you are still invested in the game. If you are interested at all let me know and we could get some discussion going on how to help make it successful.

Sorry, i use about 400/500 slots so i’d be giving up a fair chunk of coin to take GM here. If i didn’t have to throw that away i would take GM without hesitation. I’d gladly take officer, but unfortunately unless Vocino subs again i don’t think i could be promoted to it, since he is the GM.

Fair enough. Thanks for considering it.