We played a Terran themed HOTS game



…and it was glorious.


I was really hoping it would pair us with an all zerg team.
But alas, twas not so.


We need to set up a custom game and make that happen.


That would be sweet.
We could do Horde vs Alliance too.


Bonus is @Xaelyn, IIRC


You guys are making me want to play this


Join us so we can do a 5v5 themed match.


this fucking game is so toxic…i just had 3 games in a row with the worst group of people. last one, i was chromie, top hero damage, top siege damage and all 4 players were saying i was the worst chromie…all because i missed my Q to stop them from capturing one pylon. they tried to tell me they were tying to help me, while calling me a fucking retard. what happened to this game? every single game someone is just off the rails. this game it was 3 or 4 guys.


I hear you @dontcallmejames. It’s unavoidable in some cases but I mitigate it in the following ways.

  • I usually play with at least one other Stratsbro when in Quick Match which switches people’s ridiculous rants from annoying to something funny to laugh at over comms.

  • I immediately block people. As soon as someone starts complaining I block them. They’re offering zero.

  • I will sometimes just roll with allied chat off completely. It offers very little strategic value.

  • I report people for abusive chat always. Like honking your horn in your car: I’m not sure if it does anything but it feels good.