We should have more ways to talk ^_^


Anyone use KiK? Or Snapchat? We should have more ways to talk while on the go!

If anyone is interested:

KiK - invader_doom
Snapchat - irdoom88


Anyone can feel free to add me on kik - deadslayer


I have used [Slack][1] [1]: http://slack.com before. It would definitely speed things up on the communication side. You can have separate “channels” for communication. For instance you could be part of a Destiny channel and Halo Channel. Probably be best used for LFG on Strats.


I actually really like it, just signed up. I created a group “Strats Destiny Group” on slack it seems pretty cool


Usually you have to enter a teams domain, what did you enter as the team domain?


We already use Slack for development. If we were going to open it up, it would be there.

In terms of real time chat, honestly these forums are about as close as you can get to real time without being chat formatted.

If we want to explore other real time options, it would be something that can be fully integrated into our users and groups database (like the forum and mumble).



Then why not open your Slack up to the general Strats users and have Development as a private sub-channel? A suggestion was made, other members seem interested, you already have the resources in place.

I think I will join this Strats Destiny Slack and chat. It would be entertaining and easier during times when I can type but wearing my headset is troublesome.



FYI, there are actually (currently) 9 different channels used for development-related communications :wink:

One reason we’re less-than-interested in utilizing an outside chat system is precisely because it’s outside. What helps this website and community maintain grow is interactions on these forums; without interactions and an audience, there’s no content generation, it reduces the want/need to visit (never mind it’s harder to revisit things that were discussed/discovered when it’s in a chat format) which carries with it a number of additional ramifications.

We’ve previously-discussed looking to integrate a chat system with the forums (IRC was one we considered last year), but up until very recently there’d been almost-no call for it. We don’t want to compromise the quality of what we’re doing with and for Strats, and we’re already planned out with our dev focus for the near future; making a massive adjustment in our current schedule to achieve the goal of quality chat integration under the current circumstances for the now 4 individuals that have voiced a desire to see a chat option isn’t practical on a few days’ notice.

We’d like to have a lot of different integration of systems (to include Twitch, YouTube, and chat-based ones), but we can’t make everything for everyone all the time, much less instantaneously. What I can say is we’re talking about it as I’m typing this and looking at options; for now, feel free to use the new Slack that’s been created if you so choose.

You’re welcome :wink:


So here was my thinking for some form of active chat system:

  1. PS4 Users like myself that aren’t around a computer to see real-time changes in topics

  2. The convenience of having notification when people send mesages/chats/requests etc.

  3. Speed: for me personally, the only way to use the forums is constantly open my phone browser and got to Strats. I’ve created a bookmark on my home screen but it opens a new window every time I click on it thus slowing my phone way down if I’m not paying attention.

  4. Data management? I’m not sure the data cost of the forums, but like a cell phone plan, I have a data cap on my Internet to which I use about 75% of on a monthly regular use base. Alternatively when I’m on the go I only have 1 gb of data via Verizon.

Just some of the thoughts of having a real time notification system, coming to the forums wouldn’t be obsolete for me as I’m sure not everyone would use it. So checking regularly would still be a good thing. But mainly for specific Playstation groups or such would be a nice thing to have.

Edit: Also, these are the reasons I have a hard time being a ps4 player. As I don’t have any IRL friends to game with(I know I’m lame) it’s hard to find groups/people to play with that are doing the same stuff I am or me doing what they are doing. It’s the reason I’ve pretty much stuck to MMORPGs for the better part of the past 7 years or so. Because being on the pc and having mumble/vent/Skype etc make commucation easier.


I’m actually lazurusing an old idea; I’ll have a post up within the hour with a solution :wink:


When I I mentioned slack there was a part of me that understood why it probabaly hasn’t been implemented before, the simple fact that it would take away from some banter on the website. I must say, the website is probably the most responsive website I have ever seen on mobile. By far the best “forum” integration for sure. Although I’m new-ish to strats, i for one can say that I’m a geek/nerd that loves to chat about anything video game related and the ONLY thing that I would think this site is missing is some kind of quick chat feature. I also understand where @ThatDoomThough is coming from with the notifications. I know at work I can get notifications when using Firefox, so I wonder if there is some kind of plug in you can get for mobile? Idk, I’ll have to look into it. Tl;Dr, the site works amazing on mobile so I see why you wouldn’t want an outside chat system, but some kind of mobile notification sytem would probably make it more chat oriented. Love the forums guys. Keep up the good work!


I would definitely agree with this! This forum has had a complete face-lift since I joined in its early stages(at least I think early stages)!


Slight delay what with having to leave for work; by the end of the day I’ll have something posted.


Slack isn’t free. Not to mention I would much rather have banter happen here.

Like I said though, not opposed to real time chat but we have to integrate it with the database otherwise it’s just some chat thing rather than a part of the community where your identity and trust persists.


Done :wink: