Weapon combinations per class

I’m interested to know if anyone feels that certain combinations of primary/special/heavy weapons are more useful or beneficial for specific (sub)classes?

For example, would a titan defender get more use from auto rifle/shotgun/machine gun. Or would someone preferring to stay at long range be better with pulse rifle/fusion rifle/rocket launcher.

Any opinions on this?


I think that depends on more your play style vs your class but only to a certain degree. As far as hunters are concerned head shots provide synergy with their some of their skills so a sniper rifle and scout rife would probably suit them better, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get head shots with a pulse rifle or a shotgun though. And a sub note i’m glad to see you get so excited for Destiny! And to think you were on the fence about getting it.

I agree about hunters and sniper/scout rifles. I guess my point with the defender in particular is that you’re building to be in their grill, so a 3-burst rifle likely isn’t the best choice.

And yes I’m trying to put in the effort and get excited. Not much actual playtime yet but about to put the boy down for nap and get a couple hours in.

I definitely see what you are saying, but from what I understand no class NEEDS to carry a certain weapon. I think late game they want you carry every type of weapon with you, and swap on the fly depending on the situation… or at least every type of energy (like void, arc and thermal damage weapons)

I like using a fast rate of fire primary like an auto or pulse, and a slower accurate secondary, sniper or shotgun. I prefer using complimentary weapons. Seems like a waste to use two slow accurate weapons like handcannon primary and sniper secondary. For heavy weapon, I use the machine gun over rocket launcher, just for rate of fire and damage output.

.02 cents.

I go with auto rifle/shotgun/machine gun just so I can spray as much as possible. Some bullets might even hit something! Yeah my aim is terribad /cry

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Warlock here.

I will say the shotgun is good for anyone, even nerf’d it still a great choice.

I use a pulse rifle and a rocket launcher.

If i happened to be a Titan I would prob use an auto rifle/shotgun/rocket launcher.

If you can find an Auto Rifle with the Focused Fire perk, it makes a great short-mid range stable weapon with good critical damage. Otherwise I’ve fallen in love with the Handcannon.

@ZombieKarsh what about the Handcannon do you love? I’ve used one maybe once and I just couldn’t get a feel for it.

I’ve realized that my gamepad-aiming skills are pretty terribad. I remember this happening a few years back when I bought my PS3, because I purchased it mainly to play MAG and Killzone with friends.

I guess I’m used to games where your own attacks can hurt you (haven’t tried launcher yet but videos make it look like you take no damage in Destiny), so for that reason I usually take rocket launchers on my long-distance builds. No desire to commit seppuku with my rockets.

As a titan I want to stand there taking hits as long as possible, which is why I wanted to use auto rifles. I haven’t used a hand cannon much but I saw it as a stick-and-move weapon, firing off a shot then repositioning. Am I doing it wrong?

@teh_ninjaneer The Rocket launcher has some pretty wicked self damage if you don’t pay attention. I think I got myself with it twice last night, one from stupidly strafing into cover before it shot off and the other when something got too close.

Some rocket launchers come with good attributes like homing that make it really useful for PVP vehicle maps.

As a fellow Titan I’m going to try my best to stick with Auto Rifles too

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I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. The Handcannon requires high mobility in order to reassess your target’s position and reload after 3-5 rounds. I just enjoy one-hitting mostly every mob and then flying away Warlock style. I am a leaf in the wind, watch me soar.

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I’ve been using a Scout Rifle (Which I love) but what you described there is exactly how I play, so I think I will give hand cannon a shot (terrible pun intended).

And I just got a nice Green one that will be usable for me in 1 level.

Ok, so I play a Warlock. I love the auto rifles and do pretty well with them. My special is nearly always a sniper, because that’s my play style. I haven’t found heavy weapon that’s worth a damn yet, so I don’t really use mine.

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HMGs with high impact and low RoF are great for boss takedowns imo.

Haven’t gotten one good yet. (And I’m finishing up my Bachelors degree with that grammar…)

I would normally agree with you on this, however I have found that the scout rifle works well for me with the sniper as a secondary. I have pin point accuracy with my primary (with less wasted ammo) and my secondary sniper rifle really increases my range. BTW, the Rocket Launcher is an awesome room clearer. :wink:


I’ve been taking the same approach with my super accuracy hunter, but I’ve tossed the scout rifle in favor of a hand cannon. The scout rifle feels like a slightly shorter sniper rifle and so I needed something with a little more oomph close range but still accurate, que hand cannon. I love the thing, so much damage and head shots for days!


The Hand Cannon just makes me feel like a bamf. Pew pew. In the early levels I felt they nerfed the Scout Rifle for the worse but after finding a few with upgrade paths, it’s still the same old Scout. I ran that weapon almost exclusively during the beta.

Bungie has really rounded many things out to be balanced with the launch changes.

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Love the scout rifle! Precision weapon. I have a couple armor items that increase reload speed and ammo carry. I’m in love :heart_decoration: