Weapons and Armor in Destiny are meaningless

It’s been proven over and over. Iron Banner is a joke because of it.

This dude solos Crota’s End with possibly the worst weapon in the game.

It’s all about light. The game doesn’t care about the damage your gun does or the defense your armor gives. I’m betting that everything is just scaled on Light with some very simple multipliers.


Just watched the Crota part. Still impressive but yeah I agree the emphasis on Light is huge.

Getting to the next light level is the most important objective of the game, everything else - discipline, intellect, strength, weapon stats - all seem obsolete.

I don’t understand why Bungie couldn’t just ask Activision for Blizzard’s phone number. Those guys seem to know how to make a MMO.

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Yep. It’s ask about light. You get scaled back 25% damage each level your below.

For those of you that can stand it, this is my genre and this is all about kickass Light