Web Developers in Strats



I think we have some web dev’s around in the guild. Thinking about putting together a website for managing the guild. Who would be willing to put in some work on this with me? I think Sylynn would help and I think I have one other buddy, wouldn’t mind an additional 1-2 people. Holler at me.


I seem to see lots of Albion Guild management going on around these forums, as is the intent for these forums. Why make yet another thing that members need to check on a regular basis when you already have it here?


I just feel like we’re missing really important things like

Who can craft what
Who our top refiners are
Who our GvG representatives will be
What our current backlog is on advancing buildings

Currently, refining is holding us up, and we need to begin to make this a top priority, or our GvG’s are going to have a hard time holding locations, protecting traders and advancing into new territories.


Well, in my opinion this very forum is an excellent resource for compiling that sort of information and communicating it to members.

Make a wiki post asking crafters to sound off as to what they can craft.

Compile that data and put it in a post, (update it as needed)

All of this can be put into a post or “Mega Thread” here on these forums.

I’m not trying to bash your idea or anything, initiative is always good to see. I just want to be sure we’re making use of the Strats Forums capabilities before we start thinking about other sources, spreading our wealth of information thinner.


Yea, really anything that can get the ball rolling. The site layout seems kinda wonky to me, but only because I’m trying to find everything Albion Online related. Looking for a Section rather than pulling by Tags. But, if @Auth and or @Cracka08 can setup a megathread that’d be cool.

I think our priorities are getting everyone on board with allowing X refine X so we can get boosted to 5.2 and 4.3 asap.


What myself and the various GW2 officers did (@Wayward, @Diacuss, @Sennish, and @Auth) was have a meeting a make a giant “getting started” post relating to everything and anything for our guild. From here, we were able to link sub posts (builds, raids, discussion, etc.). I agree with @Wayward that creating another website is going to steer people away from the information.

If you would like, I can direct you to the GW2 guild post and/or help you develop one yourself. I know @Vocino even has a lovely Albion graphic he developed some time ago.


You can also post feature requests in the category.


There’s already a spreadsheet with a bunch of this data (Albion specific) that I’m looking to update. And after @Vocino mentioned that it might be easier to use a form to input the data, that’s my next step once I have the sheet updated. Unfortunately I’ve been slowed down due to some health issues that caught me off-guard late last week, but I hope to have something up & running shortly.

In fact, it also had some of the PvP data you were looking for earlier too.

But this raises a question - how many cooks do we have working in this kitchen? With all of our good intentions, are we possibly getting into each others way and not using our time well? I know I stepped up after the Albion Guild meeting this past Sunday as there was a communicated need, but I’m wondering if there are others who saw an opportunity to make something better and are running with it?


Just as an example, here’s the megathread from Summer Alpha. Part of making something like that work, however, is having the content posted on the forums. Outside of some stuff from @Selwonk, @Fro’s GvG initiative, and few other odd threads, there’s really not been that much posted, which makes getting a fresh megathread going challenging, at best. If we get the content flowing in, it’d be quite easy to build another giant spread like the one I linked, but we need content to put in :wink: