Wednesday October 29 GHA Runs!

Hey all, Onvo here

We decided in-game that were were going to run GHA (Greater Howling Abyss) tomorrow (October 29). Picture below:

This dungeon is the hardest in the game as of now and needs a Level 50 requirement. (sorry for those who are not 50 yet!)

Although it is the hardest to complete it also has sweet armor / weapons! Link here to show all of the different loot you can get :

Important things that should be completed before running:

Everyone need to buy good mana / health potions as we want to survive as long as possible.

This guide should help explain and tell you guys about how to handle GHA.

Read it so that it easier to run the dungeon and not die to surprise skills or attacks.

If you are too lazy to read it; here is a video guide that explains everything well:

If you want to go, comment below and say what role you are going to go as and lets have fun!


This makes me and want to jump in ArcheAge finally.

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Great post Onvo.
I’ll see you tomorrow, and I’ll bring some heals.

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Going to spend 6k labor to boost my healing so ill be in uber mode tomorrow!!!

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i want to go! dps/kiting

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Phox got so much archeage videos

What time? I’d like to be there.

Dps, and mob cc

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I just want to let everyone know that this is a 5 man dungeon so everyone may not be able to join the party, however, if we have enough people interested, we will form more parties so that everyone can have a go at it.

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we are ready to go guys so if you are reading this come in game and join us

So, an update for who wasn’t there today. The Third Boss: Calleil The Cursed…is tough as shit.

We need HUGE m.def.

It looks like we need 1 dedicated tank, 2 healers on said tank, and 2 dps for this dungeon run.

It’s hard as shit, so I’m suggesting if you even want to have a chance at this, get your Hasla weapon first in order to have the stats to attempt this dungeon.

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who is on more or less everyday and wants to run gha?
its getting boring just doing traderuns and farming all day everyday without some kind of guild activity. i have done my farming in hasla (for now) i just need atleast 3 people with me to do the first 2 bosses (or more if we get a good group put together) once or twice or more a day.

so please write below if you want to join me. we need a healer the rest can just dps.
if you do sign up please watch the video onvo linked for the strats of the dungeon and ONLY roll on stuff you need for your main spec.
thanks :smile:

dungeon members so far:
Onvo (dps) Rolling on Cloth
Boomba (dps/heals) Rolling on Leather
Erku (dps) Rolling on Plate
Wayward (healer) Rolling on Cloth

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I can go just about everyday, I can go on my main spec daggerspell (range dps)

I’m up for it. DPS since I can’t seem to tank. aha.

But I would like to roll on the plate armor set, for eventual tanking.

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Im on just about everyday, depending on what time, I should be able to heal. . . . That is when I’m not traveling for business, which I am right now. lol