Weekend raid (Crota's End)

Ok so with this new raid some of us have been in it and messed around but I wanna seriously go at it this weekend and not with a reddit group but with a group I know. I want level 30s and people that can put in a bit of time to try and push through this. I would love if @Dynamible and @Josef (Digutull) would be available. I wanna know who else would be down to seriously take a stab at this.

I’m sorry but this weekend is crazy for me. I to work, finish my last paper, go to a Christmas party, and sleep at some point.

Aiight no problem brother, get your shit done! We got time!

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I know you’re looking for 30’s, but I’m 29 and competent. I am on call this weekend, but should be able to dedicate some time on Saturday (Note: On Call ends @ 8pm EST).

I can probably go Friday night. I haven’t been in the raid at all yet though, fair warning

I’m down. My group never materialized so I am still looking to get in on the action.

I’m like 1 freaking shard from 30 but I can easily get that with a quick VoG or a Daily.

I’d be down. But best for me is Sunday night 8pm-11pm. Level 30 Titan Defender.

I’m down if we do it sat or sun.

Sunday at 8 pm works fine for me

Count me in for Sunday at 8 if I’m invited. 30 Hunter

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Made it to 31 last night! Get me in this sucka!

Me too!!! (Got at you)

Was able to complete the raid 3 times a couple days ago, i can join in and guide you guys or help complete it if you need it.

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I could use the help tomorrow. :wink:

Yep I’ll definitely be on tonight at 8pm EST. We got this

That would be awesome brother much appreciated

People doing the raid tonight? I could go just hit lvl 31

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I can’t do 8 est time now, but ill be on later for sure if you guys havent done it by then. i would love to be able to get the last rewards this week.

What time would you be available? And I would be 31 but I’ve been busy all day today dammit… for now we’re gonna shoot for 8 est and if we run through quick we can always do it again on alts cuz I have another 30

Let’s say 1030 EST at the latest