Weekly Event: Lava Wall (28 Feb)



#Who will prevail?
Welcome to :fire:Lava Wall:fire:, a competitive challenge once again pitting The Diamond Devastators against The Emerald Evisceraters! The Diamond Devestators brought the pain last week; will they repeat success or taste defeat?

The idea is simple: Players from each team will feverishly work together, protecting their VIPs while simultaneously launching an all-out assault on their enemy through a massive, impassible wall of lava!

Things kick off on the Official Strats Vanilla Minecraft Server tonight (28 February) at 9pm EST; be there, or forever-regret missing out :wink:

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Poll: Weekly Event for 14 Mar
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This is gonna be awesome…will be there representing the Diamond Devastators!!!


Same here


Reminder bump :wink:


Cant wait!


Map cycle is about to happen :wink:


Can anyone participate in this event?


Thanks to everyone that came out! <3


Lots of fun! Well worth the time. I know a lot of us were streaming it and should have the highlights.


Thanks to everyone who came out; the regular map is back up.

Please toss any comments/feedback in here so we can continue to improve our events :wink:


Lava Wall event video! http://www.twitch.tv/halhellion/c/6222748